Like a fish, swimming in a whole new pond

I’d quite like for this to be a record of sorts of my time here at university. Not quite a log, because that would be rather boring. Lots of  ‘today, I went to another stats lecture, they seem keen on those here’ type posts.

Which I do believe no one in their right might would want to read.

But even so, I’d like to hope there’d be a few experiences along the way that might be worth recording.

It’s just nearly 3 months into university though, which is a lot of time to miss. Freshers week (truly surreal), starting lessons (a bit like a welcome icy cold plunge back into education), meeting a million and one new people (overwhelming), joining societies (just about the best thing about uni) and so many more things.

I do so utterly love having a space to call my own, and knowing that really it’s me, and me alone paying for it. Even if it is retroactively. Even if I already never want to see this  shade of blue again after I move out. Even if I miss sofas more than I ever thought possible.

It’s mine.

I also rather love my societies: mental wealth, students with disabilities, LGBT+ and real ale in particular. I don’t love never having time to go dancing, my course keeps setting me work 😦

I can’t really complain though. I knew I really wanted to do this course, I never realised just how bad. Despite finding coping not always so easy, despite struggling with work at times, I’m persevering in a way I never would have used to. I’m really glad I’ve gotten to a place in life where I have something I want that bad.


So here goes

I think sometimes in life, it’s good to set yourself a challenge.

I’m starting this therefore as a challenge to myself, to see if I can keep it up.

As for what ‘this’ will turn out to be, well, now that’s not sure yet. Hopefully something I end up enjoying doing. My plan for this little space is to use it to talk about things important to me, or interesting (which might be less important at times).

I’ll probably include commentary on what I’m reading, or things going on in the world that make me think. Might even occasionally write about things that have come up in lectures or uni reading that are interesting.

There’ll definitely be cat pictures.

I’m thinking there’ll be links to random finds on etsy, and other such places.

Might be the occasional vent, but we’ll see. I’ll probably (certainly) post on issues to do with disability and mental health.

With time, I’d like there to be photography.

Mostly, I’d like to keep going.

We’ll see how this goes.