Like a fish, swimming in a whole new pond

I’d quite like for this to be a record of sorts of my time here at university. Not quite a log, because that would be rather boring. Lots of  ‘today, I went to another stats lecture, they seem keen on those here’ type posts.

Which I do believe no one in their right might would want to read.

But even so, I’d like to hope there’d be a few experiences along the way that might be worth recording.

It’s just nearly 3 months into university though, which is a lot of time to miss. Freshers week (truly surreal), starting lessons (a bit like a welcome icy cold plunge back into education), meeting a million and one new people (overwhelming), joining societies (just about the best thing about uni) and so many more things.

I do so utterly love having a space to call my own, and knowing that really it’s me, and me alone paying for it. Even if it is retroactively. Even if I already never want to see this  shade of blue again after I move out. Even if I miss sofas more than I ever thought possible.

It’s mine.

I also rather love my societies: mental wealth, students with disabilities, LGBT+ and real ale in particular. I don’t love never having time to go dancing, my course keeps setting me work 😦

I can’t really complain though. I knew I really wanted to do this course, I never realised just how bad. Despite finding coping not always so easy, despite struggling with work at times, I’m persevering in a way I never would have used to. I’m really glad I’ve gotten to a place in life where I have something I want that bad.


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