As I mentioned before, I’m struggling quite a bit right now. Often when I get like this, I tend to stay up all night, rather than trying to sleep, failing, and just feeling worse.

Tonight, I distracted myself by watching anything remotely interesting I could find on Iplayer. That starts out with whatever half decent comedy is up at the moment, which is fairly mundane.

Eventually though, as it gets to about 3/4am, those run out and then I have to really dig to find something that isn’t Little Britain, Parliamentary updates (I’d probably try sleeping before I watched those), or The One Show.

Which turns up some fairly interesting things. For example, a really lovely documentary about Grizzlies in Alaska – it’s so nice to sit and go awwwww for an hour and a half. Or a documentary about a mum of a 15 year old with Down’s Syndrome and the difficulties they face as she grows up.

The best find of the night was to my mind Blindsight. Unfortunately that link will probably only work in the UK, and even then only for a short while. It’s a film about a group of blind Tibetan children who manage to get to Advanced Base Camp, just under the summit of Everest, at 21,000 feet.

English: Classic view of the Rongbuk Monastery...

Image via Wikipedia

For those of you who can’t see the link, I promise this is not the result of my falling asleep/hallucinating due to sleep deprivation.

It did a damn good job of making me think well if they can achieve that, maybe I can actually overcome everything I need to.


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