Pushing through

Right now, it’s hard  to feel as though I can do anything of any worth at all. It feels as though it is best not to try anything, because there is simply no point.

Living like this is horrible. Plunging into these low moods over and over is draining and frustrating. It leaves me feeling like I simply don’t want to be alive like this.

I know though, that I absolutely love being in Cardiff. I don’t always love studying (it’s hard when you’re always doubting your own abilities), but I do love being here when well. So, I’ve got to try to get more stable, so I can enjoy being here fully.


4 thoughts on “Pushing through

  1. Your title says it all. Sometimes you just have to push through. Keep reminding yourself of all the good things that are out there and push till you get to them. You will be OK.

      • Glad to offer it. It is the least I can do to repay all the kind words I have received when I needed them. I know the value of a kind word when you’re down. When you get a chance, pay it forward.

  2. You CAN do it! Try doing something that used to bring you happiness – it’s so cliche but it works to help take the edge off of your lows! And write yourself notes saying “I can do this” or “I’m brilliant” and things like that, then read them when you start to think the other thoughts. There’s your little bit of CBT for you today 🙂

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