Gendered Insults

It’s a theme I notice a lot: trans* people being happy to be insulted, so long as it’s in the correct gender.

Maybe this is controversial, but I dislike that.

I understand why, or at least, I think I do. It can be an easy way of diffusing a comment; ‘yeah, you think you insulted me, but jokes on you, because you gendered me right.’ Or simply the sheer giddiness of being gendered correctly outweighs any potential hurt.

I just can’t believe that makes it ok.

A misogynistic slur doesn’t become ok just because it was directed towards a trans-woman. It’s not ok to be insulted because you’re trans*. It’s not ok to ignore the societal implications of an insult just because of a warm fuzzy feeling.

I think it’s a very sad thing when someone can  be happy to be insulted like that. Everyone should be validated in their gender, so that no one has to feel like this.


4 thoughts on “Gendered Insults

  1. I get frustrated by this as well as when I hear transpeople put down the gender they were initially labeled as. I understand that many of us want to separate as much as possible with the past, but denying the humanity of our former gender makes no sense.

  2. I find its usually easy to distinguish between a genuine insult and just some friendly ribbing, but in the case where a genuine insult is made, no allowances should be made.

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