A new skill

I promised myself that when I got home, I would allow myself time off from thinking about university work -but that I would also be at least vaguely productive with my time.

Close up of the colours of the wool- so pretty!

The first few rather messy rows. There are at least two well hidden holes from dropped stitches.

It’s hard  to keep the motivation up to do this, so I feel that any small progress is a victory at the moment.

Recently, I’ve become increasingly nocturnal. I find that my thoughts race around my head, and it’s impossible to settle down for sleep. All that happens is that I lie in the dark, thinking, so all I can do is wait until I am exhausted enough to just fall asleep.

Being unable to sleep, I have decided to put this time to use, and practice knitting. My mum taught me how to about a year ago, but I haven’t knitted since. I’m aiming to have finished at least one scarf by next winter. Hopefully I can keep the motivation to do so.


One thought on “A new skill

  1. That wool looks so pretty. I really do hope you keep up with the knitting! If there is anything I can do to help you out via web, or something I can do to help you stay motivated, please let me know!

    The first rows are always the hardest. Keep it up. I am sure the finished scarf will look lovely, even with mistakes. I once heard that the Amish women here in the USA purposefully put a mistake in anything they craft. That way it is a reminder that there is no one person who is perfect. You are not perfect, but you can do a great job on your scarf!

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