A slightly better day

Not quite a good day, but a day where I could at least think ‘well, if one must be depressed, this is at least quite a nice place for it’ (why yes, my internal monologue is quite posh at times).

I managed to wake up just a little tiny bit earlier than I have been recently, which meant I was able to spend the evening with my mum. She decided that cooking seemed too much like effort so we went to a local pub for dinner. Butterfly king prawns for starter and skate for main course went down a treat.

Himalaya with Michael Palin

Himalaya with Michael Palin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After that we just sat at home, knitted for a bit and watched an episode of Michael Palin‘s Himalaya series. Travel series seem to be the perfect distraction right now – a chance for just an hour or so to pretend to be anywhere but here.

The knitting is going surprisingly well. To the point that now every time I start a new row, I worry that I’m about to make a huge mistake and ruin everything I’ve done so far. By and large, I’m getting past that feeling, slowly and managing to persevere. It’s nice to feel like I’m achieving something right now, no matter how small.


2 thoughts on “A slightly better day

  1. I’m so glad to hear that. Knitting’s featuring a lot in my life at the moment, so I’m glad it’s helping you as much as it’s helping those I’m sharing dayspace with.

    Keep your spirits up, and email if you need to.

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