Dawn Walk

The clock’s went back here in the UK tonight, meaning an hours less sleep for sensible people who are managing to keep a normal sleeping pattern. For me though, it meant instead an hours less waiting till sunrise (for whatever reason, I always find it easier to be up at night, rather than trying to sleep when my moods drop).

Dawn this morning didn’t remotely live up to the moniker of ‘British Summer Time’. It was foggy and extremely cold. I know this because I decided that despite the way it looked all foggy and cold I would take my camera out for a walk anyway. So me and it headed down to the local church. Unfortunately, it seems they lock the church overnight nowadays because people like to steal from it otherwise – apparently gold church decorations sell for a tidy sum, and some people have no qualms about that.

So, I was limited to just the graveyard for today. I’ll head back at some point during the day, and dig out the tripod and do some inside shots.


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