Just a quick post

I had other posts lined up for either today or tomorrow.. but then I heard about something which seemed somewhat more important to draw attention to.

In Germany, a young girl of 11 is being threatened with institutionalisation, and enforced foster care afterwards because that girl is a transgirl. Her parents are divorced and although she has her mothers support, she does not have her fathers.

Please sign the petition to at least attempt to prevent the damage this will cause to this child:



5 thoughts on “Just a quick post

  1. I saw that a while ago and have been following the story, its disgusting to see, especially in a country which has had cases of young transgender children being offered the very best care at ages like this childs.

  2. I have posted links to the petition twice before (sharing this will be the third time) on Facebook, and I just wanted to check it was OK to reblog over on my end before I do… It’s saddening. Too saddening. Le sigh.

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